1988-1990 Brake Accumulator

1988-1990 Brake Accumulator

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All 1988-1990 Buick Reattas were equipped with the Teves Mk II brake system from the factory. These systems are unique in the fact that they use an electric motor and pump assembly. Unlike the typical vacuum booster found in the 1991 Reattas and many other modern cars.

These pumps are prone to failure IF improperly maintained. When they fail, you lose all power brakes, and it can be nearly impossibly to stop the car. You don’t want that to happen while your wife is driving the car!

We’re going to share two secrets with you to keep your Reatta brake system in prime operation condition

TIP #1 

Keep up with regular brake fluid flushes. Your brake fluid is prone to take in moisture at a rate of 2-3% per year. That means your fluid, after 20 years or more could be 50-60% water. This makes the fluid thicker, and can gum up expensive parts such as pumps and pressure switches in your system.

Most Reattas we see have NEVER had their fluid flushed. Don’t let a simple repair cost you hundreds down the road.

TIP #2

Change your Brake Accumulator. These systems use an accumulator to store extra brake pressure to keep the pump from constantly running and burning it out. These are a nitrogen charged ball on top of the system that, over time, will lose it’s strength. When this happens, it causes the pump to run more often, and can lead to premature wear on the pump. Overworking the pump this way can burn it up. This will cause you to lose your power brakes as well.

Most Reattas on the road are still running their original 25+ year old accumulator. You rarely know you have an issue until you start losing your power brake ability.

You can save money on future repairs, and have peace of mind that your brake system is perfectly operational by replacing your accumulator today. We have had these units remanufactured to original specs. They fit as the originals, and are very easy to install.

Don’t be driving around wondering if your brakes may fail. Fix them today!

If your power brake pump is not coming on, this part will not fully solve your problem. Please call us at 919.233.1973 for assistance with troubleshooting and for availability on brake pumps. We have these accumulators produced and they may vary from the photo