Radio Module (Refurbished)
Radio Module (Refurbished)

Radio Module (Refurbished)

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Finally! An easy way to fix all those pops squeals and hisses in your radio!

If you’re hearing snaps, crackles, and pops in your radio, having to turn the volume WAY up to hear anything, or just no sound at all, then your radio has probably gone bad.

These radios were built with small capacitors inside them. And over the time span (20+ years), these capacitors have started to leak and short out circuits that produce the sound for your speakers.

The result: Crappy sound that not even new speakers can help.

Here is your solution!

We’re now selling fully rebuilt radios ready to install in your car. These radios will fit any year Reatta as the base module is the same.
In ’88 and ’89 this module is located down inside the console. And is easily accessed through the top of the center console

In ’90 and ’91, the module was relocated to be a part of the radio head unit itself. Once the radio head unit is removed from the dash, it’s just three small screws to swap the module.

We sell our fully refurbished modules with a 2-year warranty. If you have any problem whatsoever with your radio module you purchased from us, just send it back, and we’ll send you a new one.

We also have the option of adding Bluetooth and Auxillary input to your radio! 

You’ll also have the choice of either using a wired auxiliary connection to play your iPod, phone or other device with a headphone jack, OR, you can wireless connect your phone using Bluetooth. Simply pair your phone to the unit, and flip the switch for the Bluetooth input. To switch back to the radio, just flip the switch back!

Note: The Bluetooth doesn’t interface with phone calls since there is no microphone. Recommended to use for audio only.

There is a $30 refundable core charge included in the purchase price.  Once you replace your old radio, just stick the old one back in the box, and ship it back to us. We’ll refund $30 upon receipt.