Auburn, IN

Attention Reatta owners in North Carolina, Virginia,

West Virginia, Ohio, and Indiana!


We're on the road next week to Auburn, IN!

If you live within a reasonable distance of Auburn and would like to meet there for repairs on your Reatta, we can make arrangements!


Marck will be available for service calls to help diagnose issues on Reattas

and help with minor repairs such as

-Horn button replacement (90/91)

-Headlamp motor rebuilds

-ABS Accumulator installations

-Headlight Switch Repair

-Dash electronic replacements

-Radios (Bluetooth and standard)

-CD Player Repair

-Power antennas

-Trunk lock cover kits

-Convertible sun visor clips

-Keyless entry remotes

-Interior Trim Replacement

and more!

Please contact us ahead of time with your needs so we can make sure to bring the adequate amount of parts for everyone!

The deadline is Tuesday June 29th to schedule a stop for repairs on your Reatta or parts delivery


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