SOLD - Early 1988 Buick Reatta Coupe

Here's a rarity! When the Reatta premiered in 1988, Buick produced the first 1500 or so cars with split suede and leather seats. Due to wear issues and customer complaints, Buick discontinued the suede-bolstered seats halfway through the 1988 model year. 

Additionally, Buick issued a service bulletin to replace suede bolstered seats with full leather if customers complained about wear issues. 

All of this added up to very few suede seat Reattas left on the road. And these days, if you do find one, they're nearly all in poor shape. 

We're proud to offer this early 1988 Reatta with nearly perfect suede 16-way seats. With only 52,000 miles this car is in exceptional condition, 

This car spent several years in a garage with objects on top of and against it and unfortunately has a number of nics and scratches around it as a result. The exterior is about a 7/10 and looks fantastic from 10-15 feet away but a close look will show some chips and scratches. 

The benefits from the garage storage include a nearly perfect interior and rust free undercarriage. 

All of the electroluminescent backlighting on the dash and console works perfectly on this car. One of the things that is never working on 1988 and 1989 Reattas. 

The other electronics (CRT screen, radio, etc) all work as designed as do the headlamp motors and Teves brake system. 

We just recently had the radiator replaced, brake system flushed and new front flexible brake hoses installed. The windows have also been tinted which helps protect the beautiful interior and keeps the interior cooler.  

The A/C has been overhauled and converted to R134a. 

The tires are dated 2015 but show no age and have tons of tread. No vibrations at speed. 

If you've been looking for a nice example of an early 1988 Reatta to drive or show, this is the car for you! Fly into RDU and drive it home! Questions, please call us at 919.233.1973!