Why should you buy from us?

Why should you buy from us? Because we’re here to solve your problems with your Reatta, no matter what shape or form they take! We want you to be delighted with your purchase, and for your Reatta to be working as good, or better than it did when it was new!

We have years of experience in Reattas. We know exactly what part fits what year Reatta. You don’t need to worry abut getting the headlight switch, radio, mirror, instrument panel or weatherstripping for the wrong year Reatta. If there was a variation from year to year with the part you need, we’ll ask you what year you have. If we don’t have the EXACT part you need in stock, we’ll let you know.

No need to worry about getting the wrong part from us.

Whether you spend $10 or $1,000 with us, we want you to be a customer for life. Our aim is to make you happy, and solve your problem.

Here are some notes we’ve received from customers over the years just letting us know how we’re doing.

So in the end, the answer to “Why Should You Buy From Us” is: “Ask someone who has”!

I am the proud owner of a silver, 1988 Buick Reatta. My wife Kim and I take it out on weekends and have always enjoyed working on it and receiving nice comments from neighbors and passersby.

Although both my wife and I love our Reatta very much, it has become less of a joy lately because of a lack of parts and general knowledge of this classic car’s challenges. I have always been on the lookout for a reliable resource for parts and knowledge, and fortunately I stumbled across East Coast Reatta Parts.
I cannot express to you how lucky and fortunate Kim and I feel for having found you. From the first quick inquiry, I was surprised and pleased at how fast and thoroughly you responded with help, you even called in person! Your track record for parts, information, and advice has been impeccable.

I hope all Reatta owners find East Coast Reatta Parts, and with your help, keep these great cars running well for years to come!

Jeff and Kim - North Babylon, N.Y.

Smooth, fast and accurate service!

John R Young Buick - Eunice, LA

I think you guys are the cats meow. Really great guys that will help me a lot more than some others out there!

Charles B. - Cobleskill, New York

We installed the refurbished CRT screen, NOS headlamp switch, and rebuilt headlamp motors in my ’88 Reatta and everything works beautifully! Looking forward to receiving the factory sunroof assembly that we couldn’t find anywhere else. Thanks!

Jim W. - Fridley, MN

The radio in our Reatta has never sounded better.   Thanks so much for all of your help!

Mark R. - Dallas, GA

I just had the set of chrome 16″ 1991-style wheels installed on my ’88 Reatta and WOW do they look terrific! I used Goodyear Assurance ComforTread tires just like you guys recommended and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks guys, I’ll be back for sure.

Dennis M. - Chicago, IL

I did install the new [headlight] motor and now it works like new, thanks so much for being in business so we can keep these treasures on the road.

Brian T. - West Richland, WA

After the fender bender I had in my ’88 Reatta that I bought new, Marck and company fixed me up with all the body parts I needed. Either in NOS or like-new used condition. I don’t trust anyone else but these guys with sourcing parts for my Reatta.

Jim G. - Westminster, CO

I received my package today with the NOS Select 60 hood emblem and complete owner’s portfolio. Looking forward to the transport truck arriving with my ’90 Maui Blue coupe I had redone by you guys. I can’t wait to see that white interior in person!

Wayne M. - San Francisco, CA

Just had my wife’s 89 Buick Reatta restored by Marck [and crew]! Awesome job! My wife was speechless when we revealed it to her! Best anniversary gift every she said! Thanks Marck!

Alan T - Smyrna, GA

These guys are awesome, pretty much the only dedicated Reatta supplier that I even know of, they travel frequently and will deliver parts to your door for free if you’re on the way, I got a beautiful hood in excellent condition HAND delivered by them! I’ve also gotten one of the restored radio modules, the improved headlight raising kit, and a keyless entry remote. If you need anything Reatta, these guys are the way to go!


John C  - Hockessin, DE

We received and installed the passenger side vent window and mirror you sent us and everything is back new again! Our customer is thrilled and the parts were in beautiful condition. Unlike all the salvage yard junk we had been sent before.

Luke C. - Portland, OR

A quick note to say thank you for the headlight actuator. Your step-by-step instructions and tool requirement list make the job go smooth and easy. Everything needed [for the installation] was included. You all are the best, the absolute best! Please find the included headlight actuator core; and once again, THANK YOU!

David E. – Harrisonville, M.O.