1990 Buick Reatta Coupe – $15,795

by ecrp on October 25, 2015


Are you tired of looking at red car after red car in your search for your new Reatta?

Do you want something that is super unique beyond the typical Reatta?

Here it is, the one Reatta you’ve been waiting for.

Presented to you from East Coast Reatta Parts is this flawless 1990 Maui Blue Reatta coupe with a custom white and blue interior.

You may have seen some Select 60 Reattas with the white and red interiors, but a little known fact is that the factory actually made a handful of white and blue interiors as well.

We custom build this car for a customer that said he wanted the nicest Reatta coupe money could buy. So we took this 1990 coupe and built exactly what he wanted.

Take a seat in the driver’s seat. A full 16-way power seat with all of the functions working correctly. Isn’t it comfortable? Now wouldn’t it be nice if the passenger side had the same level of comfort? Well they do! A second full power seat with the lumbar support, power recline and thigh support is on the passenger side waiting for your co-pilot.

There are no ifs ands or buts on this car. Everything has been gone through by the Reatta professionals, and every item that needed to be redone, repaired or replaced has been.

Take a look at the pictures. They speak for themselves.

Because our customer wanted to have essentially a new Reatta, everything has been gone through on this car. Everything.

~ New battery

~ New window motors

~ New brake pads

~ New struts and shocks

~ Transmission fluid changed

~ Brake fluid flushed

~ New brake accumulator

~ New 215/60R15 Goodyear Assurance Comfort Tread tires mounted on 16” chrome 1991-style wheels

~ Rebuilt headlamp motors

~ New headlight bulbs

~ New windshield wipers

~ New headliner

~ Reupholstered white leather seats with second full 16-way seat added on the passenger side

~ New Infinity speakers

~ Factory stereo and slave CD player overhauled.

~ Two sets of keys with remotes

~ Polished aluminum bumpers

~ Optically restored tail light lens

~ Windows tinted at 50%

~ New fuel pressure regulator

~ New Oxygen sensor

With only 30,000 original miles, and less than 300 miles on the re-do, this car runs and drives like new. The all original paint shines like the day it was made. The white hand-painted pinstripe is in beautiful condition and compliments the white interior perfectly.

The A/C is still on it’s original R-12 refrigerant and blows ice cold. Even the rare factory sunroof works perfectly.

This car is ready for vacations for two, car shows, weekend drives and touring. It runs, drives, and handles like a new car and will draw envious looks wherever you take it.

Due to unexpected health reasons, our customer is forced to sell this car. It’s ready to go, and only a couple hundred miles on the restoration!

Don’t let this one get away! She won’t last long! Give us a call any time with questions: 919.233.1973 or email us at info@eastcoastreattaparts.com































COMING SOON 1990 Reatta Convertible -$15,500

by ecrp on October 25, 2015

Maui/Tan 1 of 1


The rarest of rare. A factory built 1 of 1 Reatta. Only two 1990 convertibles were made with the Maui Blue exterior paint and Saddle interior. This is the only one built with a CD player, making it 1 of 1.

This car has been immaculately preserved. and while it has 134,000 miles, is in beautiful condition.

We are doing the following to it:

Polished wheels, new convertible top, refurbished factory stereo equipment, new speakers, refurbished headlight motors, optically restored tail light lens, NOS sun visor clips installed.

This Reatta will be available soon for $15,500. If you are interested, please contact us today at 919.233.1973 or at info@eastcoastreattaparts.com


COMING SOON 1988 Reatta Coupe – $7,900

by ecrp on October 24, 2015


Coming soon is this 1988 Reatta coupe This one is of particular interest since it is an early build ’88.

For the fist 1700 or so cars built in 1988, Buick used suede trim on the sides of the seats. This was removed mid-year and replaced will full slick leather due to wear issues.

This one is in immaculate condition for its milage (147,000). The original red paint is in beautiful condition, and despite being from Michigan originally, it is nearly completely rust free.

We are currently preforming the following repairs, maintenance, and upgrades to the car:

Polished wheels, tinted windows, dual New Old Stock 16-way power seats (with correct stitching and suede bolsters), front subframe bushings replaced, headlight motors refurbished, refurbished CRT touch screen, new radio with new speakers (upgraded to 90/91 style 6×9″ speakers in the rear), optically restored tail light lens, and sequential turn signals.

This Reatta will be available soon for $7,900. If you are interested, please contact us today at 919.233.1973 or email us at info@eastcoastreattaparts.com




This one-owner 71,000 mile 1990 burgundy/tan convertible has been fully restored. New paint, new top, color-keyed headliner, new interior, new tires, 16″ chrome wheels, new brakes and new suspension.

All the typical Reatta quirks have been sorted out. The radio and speakers have been repaired and replaced, headlight lift motors have been refurbished, and the brake system has been gone through.

This Reatta will be available soon for $13,995. If interested, please call us today at 919.233.1973 or email us at info@eastcoastreattaparts.com



If you’re reading this ad, you’ve probably been searching for the perfect Reatta convertible. Look no further. You have found it!

Presented to you from East Coast Reatta Parts is this immaculate 1990 Reatta convertible painted in Light Driftwood Metallic. This is a very rare color for convertibles. Only 60 Reatta convertibles were ever produced in this color.

This Reatta is fully optioned with both the 16-way power seats and the compact disc player. Both options work as new.

Sold new in California, this car made it’s way to South Carolina and was purchased by one of our customers last spring. We picked it up last summer and preformed some general maintenance. We also installed new factory size Toyo Versado tires (less than 1000 miles on them right now), an overhauled factory stereo system with new speakers.

The factory 15” wheels are in nice condition with no curb rash. They have some minor scratches that come from car washes.

We also installed a new Haartz cloth convertible top to replace the original vinyl top. It is equipped with the heated glass window as the factory installed.

With only 44,700 original miles, this Reatta is in perfect condition. The paint shines like new, the painted pin stripe is flawless. The deep saddle interior has no rips or tears. The seats are cushy and as soft as new.

All of the normal problems that plague Reattas have either been repaired by the Reatta professionals, or are non-existent on this car. The brake system works perfectly with no brake lights on. The headlight lift motors have been refurbished with all new parts. Even the sun visor clips that are always broken on convertibles are in perfect condition.

Included are two sets of keys with factory remotes for the keyless entry (fully functional) as well as the complete owner’s portfolio with the pen, tire gauge, flashlight, convertible manual, note pad and all other literature.

We have had dozens of Reattas through our facility, and had our hands on hundreds more. And this Reatta is one of the top 5 nicest Reattas we have seen.

If you have been looking for a beautiful, rare, perfect, Reatta convertible, look no further! Here it is. Give us a call today to discuss: 919.233.1973 or email at info@eastcoastreattaparts.comIMG_6367 IMG_6368_2 IMG_6369 IMG_6370 IMG_6372_2 IMG_6373 IMG_6374_2 IMG_6375_2 IMG_6376 IMG_6378_2 IMG_6382_2 IMG_6386_2 IMG_6388 IMG_6390 IMG_6392_2 IMG_6395_2 IMG_6400 IMG_6401_2 IMG_6402_2


SOLD 1990 Reatta convertible – $8,300

by ecrp on March 25, 2015


Here is your opportunity to own a rust free 1990 Buick Reatta Convertible just in time for spring! You may find ones with lower milage, but you won’t find one with this many things repaired and upgraded for this price.

This example is sporting just over 143,000 original miles. Just barely getting broken in.

~New Haartz cloth convertible top with heated glass back window (April 2013 – 134,000 miles)

~New color keyed headliner. (April 2013 – 134,000 miles)

~New ABS Brake accumulator (July 2012 – 123,000 miles)

~Refurbished headlight motors with lifetime limited warranty (June 2012 122,000 miles)

~NOS sunvisor clips installed (February 2013 – 133,500 miles)

~Refurbished factory radio and CD player (January 2013 – 133,500)

~New speakers all around (June 2012 – 122,000 miles)

~New Monroe Sensatrac struts on all four corners (June 2013 -135,000 miles)

~New brake pads on all four corners (June 2013 -135,000 miles)

~New 16″ chrome wheels with custom Reatta center caps (September 2012 -129,000 miles)

~New Toyo Versado 215/60/16 tires (September 2012 -129,000 miles)

Only $8,300. Contact us today for more information or to purchase – 919-233-1973 or info@eastcoastreattaparts.com

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IMG_0049 IMG_0052 IMG_0053 IMG_0056 IMG_0061


1990-1991 Buick Reatta Convertible Tops

by ecrp on June 2, 2013


We now offer NEW convertible tops for your Buick Reatta!

These tops are quality reproductions that fit much better than the originals, and will last many years longer!

If you’re having problems with your rear glass falling out, you are best off to replace the top. Our new tops come with a new glass window that has been double stitched and is guaranteed not to fall out for the lifetime of your car!

The top that Buick originally installed on your Reatta was a budget top. It was ill-fitting, and left a lot to be desired. If you’re having issues with wind and water leaks, you’ll find that our tops will solve those problems!

We have engineered just a little more fabric into the design than Buick did. Now you’ll find that water effortlessly slides right off the top and on to the ground, and NOT into your car! If your Reatta’s top is needing some attention, now is your chance to make it look like new again!

We offer both Haartz Sta-fast Canvas, as well as Haartz PinPoin Vinyl tops. We sell all of our tops with the factory-style glass rear window with defroster We also have other colors as well as plastic rear windows available upon request. Please call us at 919.233.1973 for more information on these tops.

Our tops are custom made to order, and thus typically take 3-5 weeks to arrive. We have never had anyone wait longer for one though. Normally by the time the 5 weeks passes, they are already installed and being put to use!

So don’t delay! Every rip and tear is letting water and nature inside your car and decreasing the value! If you’re selling your Reatta soon, a new top can add more than $3500 in perceived value to a potential buyer! Quite an excellent return on investment in our opinion!

To order your new top, simply choose whether you want cloth or vinyl, then choose your color below!

NOTE: All prices include shipping to the lower 48 United states. If you would like help on choosing which color top would be best for your car, feel free to give us a call at 919.233.1973. We’re more than happy to give you advice!


Cloth Tops:

Cloth Color

Vinyl Tops:

Vinyl Color


1990 Convertible Restoration 2011

by ecrp on January 7, 2013

On December 28th 2010 we purchased a 1990 Reatta convertible. Artic White with all original Slate Grey interior. 47,000 original miles at the time of purchase. We bought it from the second owner.  This car did not have the 16-way driver’s seat, or the Slave CD player.

Restoration began shortly after January 1st 2011. Here, for your viewing pleasure is a photo log of the project


This is the car we started with:



The first order of business was to replace that old, ratty, white top. That was taken care of quickly with a new Haartz cloth “Salt and Pepper” top from EZ-on. This top also had a new heated rear window (which was falling out of the old top).


Here are some pictures after installation:



While the top was on order, we rebuilt the failing headlight motors with our Signature Headlight Motor Rebuild Kits. They now function flawlessly, and gave the new owner peace of mind that they will never have problems again!


After the top was installed, we called up our local pin-striper to come out and paint the new stripes on the car (custom mixed paint to match the new top as well!)

We went ahead and removed the old stripes using lacquer thinner before he arrived. Here is the car prepped and ready to be striped!

(Notice the newly-polished aluminum rear bumper too!) 

And now the new stripes painted on!

Next we did several small things such as install New Old Stock Sun visor clips, replace the speakers with all new ones, replace the radio with one of our rebuilt ones, polish the tail light lens, do some brake work, and detail the engine compartment.


Reatta not starting?

by ecrp on April 10, 2012

If your Reatta (or other GM car with VATS/Passkey system) just does noting when you hit the key, the wires that are part of the VAT system in the steering column have probably been severed (common problem).

Here’s how to fix it quickly and easily!

First, you must read the resistance in your key. Take an ohm meter and read the resistance in the black chip in your key. (Set your meter to the 20k ohm setting). You have 15 different possibilities.

Resistances in (K)OHMs

1 ~ 0.402
2 ~ 0.523
3 ~ 0.681
4 ~ 0.887
5 ~ 1.130
6 ~ 1.470
7 ~ 1.870
8 ~ 2.370
9 ~ 3.010
10 ~ 3.740
11 ~ 4.750
12 ~ 6.040
13 ~ 7.500
14 ~ 9.530
15 ~ 11.801

Second, get the resistor. We did a little searching on Amazon, and there’s a kit for sale for a reasonable price. See HERE

Next, you’ll need to remove the black hush panel under the drivers side of the dash. Look around In there for a small connector with two white wires attached to it, going up the steering column. It should have a orange heat-shrink tubing sort of material on the two wires.

Once you locate the wires, cut yourself a good length off on the side of the connector that goes up the column. Make sure you cut the correct side or you’ll be in a mess.

After you have the connector with two wires out and on your work bench, simply solder the new resistor in. One end of the resistor to each wire making a loop.

Stick some heat-shrink tubing on, plug back in, and bingo! Problem solved.


1988/1989 Touch Screens (USED)

by ecrp on March 30, 2012

If you are having trouble with your Reatta’s touch screen, but you just don’t want to make the investment to put a rebuilt touch screen in, we have several used screens available for less!

These touch screens are used units that we have tested and removed from our parts cars. We test them using a GM certified CRT testing unit before sending them out to you. We want to be sure you get a working unit, and your touch screen problems will be solved when it arrives!


We offer a 1-year warranty on all of our used touch screens. If you have any problems within a year, just send it back and we’ll send you another one right out.

Solve your problem now! Click the “Buy Now” button below to order your used touch screen today!

Your touch screen will be shipped VIA USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days delivery time)


CRT Screens for ’88/’89 Reattas (USED)

Item Number: CRT-1

Price: $300.00 + $30 refundable core charge