1990 Buick Reatta Convertible

by ecrp on February 19, 2018


Here’s your chance to own a beautiful Reatta convertible in the rare Gunmetal Grey Metallic color.

This beautiful Reatta has been gone over from front to back by the professionals at East Coast Reatta Parts and is ready to go! Please contact us if you have any questions!

This Reatta is one of just 37 Reatta convertibles produced in this color combination in 1990, and is a completely rust free California car.

Take a look at the photos and see this a beautifully kept car. And with only 88,000 miles, there are many miles left to enjoy this Reatta.

There are minor imperfections in the paint, and some other small flaws, but nothing out of character for an 88,000 mile car.

In the past two years and 4,500 miles, this Reatta has had numerous things done to it.

  • New “Salt and Pepper” Harrtz Cloth convertible top
  • New A/C compressor with full conversion to R-134a (Ice cold!!)
  • Headlamp motors rebuilt (lifetime limited warranty)
  • 1991 Reatta wheels and tires
  • Factory radio refurbished & new speakers
  • Brake system serviced with new pads
  • Woodgrain dash kit
  • Often-broken Sun Visor clips replaced with NOS

As well as many other minor improvements.

This Reatta is ready to drive anywhere. This is one of those cars that just runs and drives extremely well. We flew to California and drove this car home, and wouldn’t hesitate to drive it back again!

With the purchase of this Reatta, you’ll also get a complete owner’s portfolilo, two sets of keys with functional keyless entry remotes, an original 1990 Buick service manual, and original 1990 Buick sales literature.

Fly into RDU and drive this one of a kind Reatta home!

Contact us at 919-233-1973 with any questions or for more photos!













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Turn Signals

by ecrp on December 27, 2017








Front turn signals now available! Choose from New Old Stock (NOS) sets of turn signals,
or good condition used assemblies.

Refresh the front end of your Reatta with some beautiful turn signals!

NOS Sets: $650 with free Priority Mail shipping
LH Used: $195 with free Priority Mail shipping
RH Used: $195 with free Priority Mail shipping


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1988/1989 Buick Reatta Owner’s Manuals

by ecrp on December 17, 2017

If your Reatta is missing the owner’s manual, here’s your solution! We have owner’s manuals available for both 1988 and 1989 Reattas. These include the leatherette cover, as well as a full owner’s manual with all the pages. We also include all the extra paperwork that would’ve been with the manual from new.

The manuals for 1988 and 1989 are different, so please be sure to select the correct year manual that you need when ordering.


Year of manual

Normally $115.95
NOW JUST $99.95 with FREE insured shipping


Convertible Top Sale!

by ecrp on November 21, 2017

grey top

We now offer NEW convertible tops for your Buick Reatta!

These tops are quality reproductions that fit much better than the originals, and will last many years longer!

If you’re having problems with your rear glass falling out, you are best off to replace the top. Our new tops come with a new glass window that has been double stitched and is guaranteed not to fall out for the lifetime of your car!

The top that Buick originally installed on your Reatta was a budget top. It was ill-fitting, and left a lot to be desired. If you’re having issues with wind and water leaks, you’ll find that our tops will solve those problems!

We have engineered just a little more fabric into the design than Buick did. Now you’ll find that water effortlessly slides right off the top and on to the ground, and NOT into your car! If your Reatta’s top is needing some attention, now is your chance to make it look like new again!

We offer both Haartz Sta-fast Canvas, as well as Haartz PinPoin Vinyl tops. We sell all of our tops with the factory-style glass rear window with defroster We also have other colors as well as plastic rear windows available upon request. Please call us at 919.233.1973 for more information on these tops.

Our tops are custom made to order, and thus typically take 3-5 weeks to arrive. We have never had anyone wait longer for one though. Normally by the time the 5 weeks passes, they are already installed and being put to use!

So don’t delay! Every rip and tear is letting water and nature inside your car and decreasing the value! If you’re selling your Reatta soon, a new top can add more than $3500 in perceived value to a potential buyer! Quite an excellent return on investment in our opinion!

To order your new top, simply choose whether you want cloth or vinyl, then choose your color below!

NOTE: All prices include shipping to the lower 48 United states. If you would like help on choosing which color top would be best for your car, feel free to give us a call at 919.233.1973. We’re more than happy to give you advice!


Cloth Tops:

Cloth Color

Vinyl Tops:

Vinyl Color




Over time, her baby started developing small problems and was a hundred dollars here and another hundred there. We weren’t too well off back then and one hot day, the A/C went out. Kym was frustrated and in a weak moment, traded the car off.

The years went by and we both have gone thru several vehicles since. She always said that letting it go was one of her worst decisions. I told her several times that somehow, I would get her another one whenever we found a nice one.

In April of 2016, we were driving down the road here in Huntington, WV, our hometown. We passed a classic car dealer and I spotted what I thought was the front end of a Reatta. We circled the block and sure enough it was. Two days later, on the 7th, we drove the black 90 convertible home. It was in really good shape except for the factory vinyl top.

After a couple of months, I started looking around for a new top. That’s when I discovered East Coast Reatta and Marck Barker. He was very helpful and ordered our new camel cloth top. After this, I was on his mailing list and I checked out his website frequently. That’s when I spotted a beautiful white convertible with the garnet red top.

My mistake was showing it to Kym. She decided that we should have his and hers cars. We drove down to NC and met Marck and the new addition. Marck had fixed this one up nicely and it only had 51,000 miles for a 1990 model. He was selling this car for a couple in western NC and drove along with us to the owners for paperwork and payment. This was on August, 7 exactly 4 months since our original purchase.

We got to know Marck pretty well and drove down to the Reatta Reunion in Charlotte this year. Had a great time and saw many beautiful Reattas and met new friends. While there, Kym had told Marck about her first Reatta and how she was sorry that she let it go.

Well, at the Buick National meet this year in Wisconsin, Marck saw a grey/grey coupe that was just like the one we had originally. He took a few pictures of it and sent them to us so we could appreciate it. I asked Marck if it was for sale and he didn’t know but would try to find the owner and ask him. Turns out he met this nice man, Gene who had several Buicks and 3 Reattas.

We called him and negotiated a price and were on our way north of Indianapolis. Gene and his wife had mixed feelings and letting it go but my wife told them of her first one and how much she loved it. The deal was made and Kym drove it all the way home. Now it has become her absolute favorite.

Many thanks to Marck and East Coast Reatta Parts! He is directly responsible for 2 of our cars. Also, I have him to thank for a radio, power antenna, wheels, a new top and several other items. We are now the Reatta people in our little corner of the world. Kym always names the cars and decided that the black one was “Dolly” since it came from the Nashville area. She called the white one “Denver” because it originally came from Colorado. And lastly, there’s “Lady Di”, the grey one. Simply because it’s a princess to her!

Bob and Kym Blake

COMING SOON: 2 Beautiful Reattas

by ecrp on September 21, 2017

1989 Silver/Burgundy Coupe – 52k Original miles. Equipped with both the factory sunroof and 16-way power seats Rare color combo. New stereo with aux-in, rebuilt headlight motors, full fluid service, brand new tires $11,900

1989 Red/Tan Coupe – 25k original miles. Ice cold A/C, new tires on chrome 1991-style wheels, factory sunroof, new stereo with aux-in, rebuilt headlight motors, fully serviced and ready to drive anywhere $11,900

20431460_1787332864617097_6872685881025480945_n (1) 20374453_1787332964617087_7113303780537237113_n 20374322_1787332897950427_8323113308460572673_n

To take advantage of advanced pricing and customization opportunities on any of these Reattas, please call us at (919) 233 1973

If you have any questions, feel free to CONTACT US

Keyless Entry Remotes

by ecrp on September 21, 2017

Did you know Reattas came standard with Keyless Entry?

Most people do not know it, but all 1989-1991 Reattas were left the factory with a GM Keyless entry system. Sadly, most Reattas by now have become separated from their remotes.

If you’d like to get yours functioning again, you’re in luck! We have the factory Buick keyless entry remotes in stock! All of our used remotes have minimal wear on the buttons, and come with new batteries as well as complete programming instructions to pair them with your Reatta.

NOTE: These will NOT work with 1988 Reattas as they are not equipped with a factory keyless entry system
We offer two options for the keyless remotes


— OEM factory style grey remotes – used with new batteries and two year warranty: $95 each, $175 for two

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ABS Brake Accumulator

by ecrp on August 13, 2017

All 1988-1990 Buick Reattas were equipped with the Teves Mk II brake system from the factory. These systems are unique in the fact that they use an electric motor and pump assembly. Unlike the tyical vacuum booster found in the 1991 Reattas and many other modern cars.

These pumps are prone to failure IF improperly maintained. When they fail, you loose all power brakes, and it can be nearly imposibly to stop the car. You don’t want that to happen while your wife is driving the car!

We’re going to share two secrets with you to keep your Reatta brake system in prime operation condition

TIP #1 

Keep up with regular brake fluid flushes. Your brake fluid is prone to take in moisture at a rate of 2-3% per year. That means your fluid, after 20 years or more could be 50-60% water. This makes the fluid thicker, and can gum up expensive parts such as pumps and pressure switches in your system.

Most Reattas we see have NEVER had their fluid flushed. Don’t let a simple repair cost you hundreds down the road.

TIP #2

Change your Brake Accumulator. These systems use an accumulator to store extra brake pressure to keep the pump from constantly running and burning it out. These are a nitorgen charged ball on top of the system that, over time, will lose it’s strength. When this happens, it causes the pump to run more often, and can lead to premature wear on the pump. Overworking the pump this way can burn it up. This will cause you to lose your power brakes as well.

Most Reattas on the road are still running their orignial 25+ year old accumulator. You rarely know you have an issue until you start losing your power brake ability.

You can save money on future repairs, and have peace of mind that your brake system is perfectly operational by replacing your accumuatlor today. We have had these units remanufatrued to originial specs. They fit as the originals, and are very easy to install.

Don’t be driving around wondering if your brakes may fail. Fix them today!

If your power brake pump is not coming on, this part will not fully solve your problem. Please call us at 919.233.1973 for assistance with troubleshooting and for availability on brake pumps.


Item Number: ACC-2

Price: $650 ea.




One of the most flawless ’91 Reatta coupes in existence! With only 15,000 original miles, this car is ready to roll!

Painted in beautiful deep black with a slate grey leather interior and grey painted pinstripe, even 25 years later, the car doesn’t look the least bit dated! This car is also equipped with the rare factory steel sliding sunroof.

We’ve completely gone through this Reatta to prepare it for sale.

  • Headlamp lift motors rebuilt
  • New headlamp bulbs
  • New windshield wipers
  • New speakers
  • New power steering rack
  • Factory radio refurbished
  • Full size spare tire
  • Brake system serviced
  • Sunroof serviced
  • Tinted windows
  • Complete owner’s portfolio
  • Cooling system, transmission and motor oil fully serviced.









img_9752 img_9754











COMING SOON 1990 Reatta Convertible -$19,500

by ecrp on February 18, 2017

Maui/Tan 1 of 1


The rarest of rare. A factory built 1 of 1 Reatta. Only two 1990 convertibles were made with the Maui Blue exterior paint and Saddle interior. This is the only one built with a CD player, making it 1 of 1.

This car has been immaculately preserved. and while it has 138,000 miles, is in beautiful condition.


This Reatta will be available soon for $19,500. If you are interested, please contact us today at 919.233.1973 or at info@eastcoastreattaparts.com