Headlight Trouble?

Is your Reatta winking on oncoming vehicles?

Does your baby not fall asleep?

Or in other words, are one or both of your headlights on your Reatta not functioning properly?

THIS is your solution!!

We offer headlamp motor rebuild kits! These kits are “reverse engineered” professionally machined to fit and function better than originals! We have THE most well accepted kit in the nation. We’ve sold over 1,000 of these kits with 100% satisfaction.

There are two main problems that occur with the OEM headlamp motor parts. The most common (even for low milage cars) is that the plastic rollers inside the motor (3 rollers per motor) will break down over time until they are practically dust inside the motor.

The second most common failure is the crank arm rounding out. The original parts were made of a very soft pot metal that is very prone to rounding out.

Our kit fixes all of the problems, and is guaranteed for the life of your car!

Our kit includes: 1 redesigned professionally machined crank arm, 3 Delrin rollers (tougher than original plastic ones), new plastic up-stop nut (keeps your lights from bouncing around while you’re going down the road), and a 2ml bottle of blue Loctite to keep everything tight.

Once installed, you’ll have fully functioning headlights that will go up and down even better than the originals!

These kits replace GM part number 16510108.

Kit will fit either left or right side


Order Now!

Ordering your headlamp motor rebuilt kits is easy! Just select the quantity you want in the drop down menu box, then click the “Buy Now” button!

Once you click the “Buy Now” button, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can either log in with your PayPal account, or use your Credit or Debit Card.

Shipping is FREE on all headlamp motor rebuilt kit orders. And we ship USPS Priority mail so you get your kits FAST!


You will need TWO (2) Kits to overhaul both headlight motors on ONE (1) Reatta



Don’t want to mess with rebuilding your motors?

We sell overhauled motors ready to install!

These motors have been professionally overhauled and tested. They are ready to install and use on your Reatta.

They come with a lifetime guarantee too!

Priority mail shipping is included FREE on all orders!

Please Note: A fully $30 refundable core charge is charged upon the purchase of each motor. The $30 will be refunded upon the receipt of a rebuildable core.

Buick Reatta Headlight Motor (OVERHAULED)

Driver’s Side Motor: $225 + $30 core

Passenger’s Side Motor: $235 + $30 core

Both Driver’s and Passenger’s Motors: $440 + $60 core